Jennifer (Fangshuo) Hu

Director of Outreach

Jennifer is currently a Masters Student at Northeastern's College of Professional Studies. She is pursuing a Masters in Finance with a concentration in Quantitative Finance.

About Me

Originally From:  Yantai, China

Interests:  Baking, Reading, Vlogging (starter)

Relevant Experiences:  I was an Industrials sector head at the University of Miami Student Managed Investment Fund. My responsibility is to pitch stocks and monitor the performance of existing stocks in our portfolio to make buy and sell decisions. Later, I was promoted to portfolio manager. I  conducted technical analyses and performed quantitative allocation analyses to determine the proposed weight of new positions. This experience requires me to read financial news on a daily basis and come up with my own thoughts on whether our current holdings would be affected.

Interest in CMC:  As China is taking an ever-increasing role on the world stage, it is important to understand how Chinese markets integrate with the world economy. CMC is a great place to offer students an opportunity to interact with professionals and peers who have a similar interest. My goal is to help students acquire a deeper understanding of Chinese markets.

Favorite thing about CMC:  The purpose behind this club is great, and I haven’t seen a club that focuses on Chinese market. I envision  CMC would be very helpful to our club members!



If you have any questions/concerns about CMC or are simply looking to connect, please do not hesitate to reach out - I'd love to speak with you!