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Ethan Cukaj

Director of Marketing

Ethan is currently a sophomore at Northeastern's D'Amore-McKim School of Business. He is pursuing a B.S in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and Finance. 

About Me

Originally From:  Westchester, New York

In my free time I like to play/watch soccer and tennis, play chess, go hiking and kayaking, travel, and read. 

Relevant Experiences:  My professional interests include: digital marketing, private wealth management, financial planning, and private equity/venture capital. Moreover, I have professional experiences in both aspects of marketing as well as finance. Through roles in northeastern organizations such as the publication chair of NUPEVC and finance related internships I am excited to be able to combine both of these passions at CMC. 

Interest in CMC:  I think the pivotal idea that made me interested in CMC was the new things I would learn. Truly, the Chinese markets are areas that i do not have the most extensive knowledge within. However, through my financial experiences I have been able to learn about these foreign markets more and more. Thus, inevitably, I saw CMC as a place where i could delve further into these markets and continuously expand my knowledge in these financial spheres. 

Favorite thing about CMC:  I find the uniqueness of this organization to be my favorite aspect. There is genuinely no other club like it at Northeastern. And, i am excited to see where it ends up going into the future!


If you have any questions/concerns about CMC or are simply looking to connect, please do not hesitate to reach out - I'd love to speak with you!

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