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CMC Meetings & Events

See below for information on past & upcoming meetings, events, and news/updates. All information relating to CMC happenings will be updated here!


Meeting #5 -
You, Me, and the V.I.E

In this meeting, CMC member Patrick Mungovan gave a presentation on Variable Interest Entities (VIEs). In his presentation, he introduced what VIEs are, what they are used for, why they exist, and, most importantly, the controversy around how they reside in a "grey area" in terms of regulation and legality.



Meeting #4 - American Factory

In this meeting, we had a viewing party of Netflix Documentary American Factory. Released in 2019, the film covers a Chinese billionaire who opens a factory in an abandoned General Motors plant in post-industrial Ohio. It highlights the tension and clash between high-tech China working-class America, and the setbacks that came from it.


Meeting #3 - Current Events

In this meeting, we covered a variety of current events in a presentation from our team, as well as various news updates from our members. News under discussion included the Diplomatic Boycott at the Beijing Olympics, ice & snow consumption, an update on Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai, censorship changes in China, talks between Xi Jin Ping and Putin, and China & the Congo. Thank you to all those who came, shared, and discussed - this was an incredibly insightful meeting with our CMC team!

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Meeting #2 - Real Estate

In this meeting, we covered our 1st research publication on the Chinese Real Estate market, and discussed the differences in laws and regulations around the ownership of Chinese Real Estate compared to the U.S.


CMC Kickoff Meeting

In this informational meeting, we gave an introduction and overview of who we are at CMC and our goals, mission, and vision as an organization. Thank you to everyone who came and shared their passion for this incredibly fascinating space!

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